Welcome to openpose-plus’s documentation!

interface paf_processor

Public Functions

std::vector<human_t> operator()(const float*, const float*, bool) = 0
interface pose_detection_runner

Public Functions

void operator()(const std::vector<void*> &inputs, const std::vector<void*> &outputs, int batchSize = 1) = 0
paf_processor *create_paf_processor(int input_height, int input_width, int height, int width, int n_joins, int n_connections, int gauss_kernel_size)

Create a paf_processor.

  • input_height: height of feature maps

  • input_width: width of feature maps

  • height: height of output, usually equal to input image height

  • width: width of output, usually equal to input image width

  • n_joins: must be 19 for now

  • n_connections: must be 19 for now

  • gauss_kernel_size: gauss kernel size for smooth the feature maps after resize

pose_detection_runner *create_pose_detection_runner(const std::string &model_file, int input_height, int input_width, int max_batch_size, bool use_f16)

Creates a pose_detection_runner.

  • model_file: path to the exported uff model file

  • input_height: height of the input image

  • input_width: width of the input image

  • max_batch_size: max batch size

  • use_f16: if use float 16